Breakaway Football: Team Creator

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Design playbooks and choose special mechanisms to make your own Breakaway Football team!

Breakaway Football lets you simulate mythical gridiron matchups, and now Team Creator lets you build any pro squad from 1958 to the present day!

Who would win in a QB duel of Patrick Mahomes vs. Johnny Unitas? Can you coach the loveable losers of your youth to newfound glory? How might a league of legendary franchises play out over an entire season?

Teams from different time periods are balanced according to the rule sets of their eras, allowing plausible “what if” simulations between teams from different decades.

Breakaway Football: Team Creator also includes rules for quick sim cards for use with the Breakaway Football: Red Zone season simulator. Making your custom Red Zone card for your new team allows you to engage in tournament or league play. Best of all, any team created with Breakaway Football: Team Creator is fully compatible with all Breakaway Football expansions, including all official published teams and the Weather Expansion.

Downloadable zip file includes PDF files of the following printable components:

  • 56-page Rule Book (5.61 x 7.5 x 0.85 inch finished size; layout allows for coil binding or hole punch for use in binder)
  • Tarot-sized Generic Offense & Defense cards
  • Blank team cards (for team-specific mechanisms & Red Zone info)
  • Worksheets for team creation
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Design & build your own Breakaway Football card deck based on any team from 1958 to present day!

Fully compatible with all Breakaway Football products
Works with all Breakaway Football Products
Expansion set is not standalone
Requires Breakaway Football to play
Component PDFs Included
Worksheets, rule book, & generic card images ready for PnP
4.3 MB
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Breakaway Football: Team Creator

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