Tabletop Simulator "Age of Defense" Teams for Breakaway Football

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Expand your collection of the popular Breakaway Football board game on Tabletop Simulator! Purchase this product to download a .json save file of the complete base game plus 8 unique franchises, 7 of them based on iconic pro franchises from the "Age of Defense."

Teams include all components needed to play, including 15 Offense cards per team, up to 10 Defense cards per team, a team-specific mat describing each team's special rules, and any pawns, cubes, or discs needed to play. Each team is separated into their own virtual bag of components, making it easy to setup your game. The base game components of Breakaway Football (game boards, Game Day deck, etc.) are also included. Just follow these instructions to copy the .json file into the proper location on your computer and you are ready to play!

Teams included:

Click these links to download the Breakaway Football rule book and the Strategy Guide for free from

For Solo play, you can download the Solo Rules here and click the links to watch demos of how to use the AI Offense and AI Defense Solo sheets.

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Download a standalone Tabletop Simulator (.json) save file containing the core Breakaway Football game and multiple expansion teams.

Downloadable .json save game file!
Easy setup
Ready-to-play teams!
No assembly required
Cheaper than print on demand!
Lower cost
Compatible with other expansions
Extensive replay
Play head-to-head globally!
Remote league play
Solo board & AI sheets included
Solo play
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Tabletop Simulator "Age of Defense" Teams for Breakaway Football

0 ratings
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